Udhiyah 2015 Updates
News & Updates
Primary and Secondary School Books Donated to Schools in Mogadishu Somalia
Life in Partnership With ARAHA Sends a 40 - Foot Shipment of Medical Supplies Donated by Brother's Brother Foundation to Somalia
Life distributes humanitarian aid to internally displaced Iraqi families
Life distributes winter clothing, heaters, food, mattresses and blankets to refugees in Jordan and Lebanon and to displaced families
Fresh Halal Meat and Groceries Given to Freedom House in Detroit, Michigan
Distribution of Brother's Brother medical equipment and supplies
Life installs water tanks in Gaza
Iftars Held and Food Baskets Distributed in Several Countries during Ramadan 2014
Life Distributes Medical Supplies and Equipment to Ebola Holding Center in Sierra Leone
Life gifts new Eid clothing, shoes, mattresses, pillows, blankets and other items for orphans in Haiti
Life installs water filtration units in 2 Iraqi schools
Life teams up with HearCare and Entheos, USA to fit over 300 children with hearing aids in Jordan
Life Distributes Medicines to Hospitals in Ghana
Life Responds to the Devastating Earthquake in Nepal
Life Distributes Emergency Aid to Iraqi IDP's in Erbil
Life Establishes Mobile Clinic in Kyrgyztan
Life Distributed Humanitarian Relief to the Displaced in Iraq
Life Drilled 2 Water Wells in Kyrgyzstan
Distribution of Children of Abraham medical equipment and supplies
Emergency Winter Relief 2015 Lebanon
Life has Provided 2,800 Orphans and Displaced Children with Warm Winter Coats
Life digs 3 water wells in the Horn of Africa
Life Ghana Distributes Books, Educational Materials, Furniture, Medical Supplies and Equipment to Schools and Hospitals


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