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Emergency Aid Reaches Libya, Your Help is Needed

Over the past several weeks, Life for Relief and Development has taken a number of steps in response to the crisis in Libya. Most recently, Life was able to send a five truck caravan to eastern Libya.  The trucks contained food, medicine, medical supplies and baby formula. These items are being distributed in Benghazi and elsewhere. To this date, Al-Jala Hospital (Benghazi), Al-Howari Hospital (Benghazi), Benghazi Medical Center, The 7th of October Hospital (Benghazi), and The Eye Hospital (Benghazi) have received supplies for this crisis.

Life has also partnered with the Union of Arab Doctors to send in hundreds of volunteer physicians and nurses from Egypt to help care for the country's sick and injured. The crisis, however, still continues and it may get worse.

The people of Libya need your help.  Their lives have been turned upside-down and their needs grow more each day.

Please help us deliver more humanitarian aid by donating to Life's Libya Emergency fund.

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Nearly 300,000 people have already left the country, and thousands more have become internally displaced.  Many non-Libyans who fled have become refugees stranded at the borders with Egypt and Tunisia.  They need help too.

The situation in Libya is changing literally by the hour.  It is difficult to plan a humanitarian response under such circumstances, but Life is working with an excellent team of international partners to ensure that the desires of our donors to help the people of Libya will be fulfilled as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

Please take three minutes to donate online or over the phone for this very important emergency appeal.

All donations made to Life are tax-deductible and Zakat permissible.



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