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Give Hope to Those in Need This Month of Giving

LIFE provides you with a tested pathway to help those in need in the holy month. Donate today. A selfless act of kindness that you do from the comfort of your home. It won’t only boost your mood. It’ll bring a massive impact on the lives of those in need around the world.

One Click Away from Transforming Lives Worldwide

After serving humanity for over 30 years, we’ve worked on building trust. Providing $550 million in humanitarian aid in 55+ countries has been a blessing. However, we wouldn’t have gotten this far without people like you and all the acts of kindness that have transformed deserving lives all over the globe.

At LIFE, we pride ourselves on our inclusive, holistic approach to charity. Demographics don’t manipulate our operations. With 13 global offices, we work to the exact needs of the communities we serve, ensuring that your donations land in the hands of those that need it the most.

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Make an Impact on the World Now

Sponsor an orphan
$55/Month or 
Support a child's education
Provide a Food Basket for a Month:
Help a Refugee:
Dig a Water Well:

Plant Goodness to Harvest a Brighter Future 

Let’s make this a month of giving. We’re offering you an opportunity to impact people’s lives directly.
Sponsor an orphan. Avert a child’s crisis. Your donation gives an orphan water, food, clothing, shelter, and healthcare. 

We’ll inform you of every step along the process. You’ll receive the kid’s profile and photo and will get to know your child personally. We’ve been the lifeline for 11,000 orphans so far. Let’s grow that number together. 

Make a difference to a child’s life through LIFE’s education projects. You can provide school supplies to the impoverished, build and furnish schools and fund school operational costs.
Provide clean water, fight poverty and epidemics. Build wells and use purification technology to produce fresh, clean drinking water. 
Donate a food basket. Save a starving family. Keep a family of six nourished for an entire month with a small act of kindness. 
Be a refuge for the displaced. They left their homes and left all their lives behind. Their memories, sense of security, and comfort. They had to run for their lives with no other option. But with your generosity, they’ll have access to life essentials.


You can do all of that with LIFE. 

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