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Do You Know That,
With One Single Step,

You Can Help Us Save Lives at Any Moment?

Our ultimate goal is to always be ready for when disasters strike. When you donate, you help us provide immediate life-saving aid whenever and wherever it’s needed. 

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Do You Look at the 2023 World and Feel Like Disasters are Everywhere?

If you’re concerned about the world crises, stressing over your future and the world your loved ones will live in, we got you covered. You can change the world -literally- with one kind act at a time. 
Life USA, as a humanitarian non-profit, connects people who want to help, like you, with those needing help the most, creating hope and alleviating pain. 
Wondering how we channel your donations? 
As transparency is the pinnacle of our work, we detail our involvements and projects on our website. We help orphans and provide shelter, water, food, health, and education services. We also deliver refugees assistance.
When crises strike, you’ll find us on the frontline working hard to rescue people.
So, while the world might feel like getting darker every day, use the light within you to brighten it up.


Help Us Stay Ready to Respond to Emergencies Now.

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There's no time to waste

When disasters hit, every split of a second counts.
In earthquakes, floods, famines and wars, speed is a lifesaver. When you donate, you fuel our efficiency and, by extension, make the difference between life and death.

Do you see how your donation can change a life forever?

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