The name “Jordan” comes from the Arabic meaning of “flowing down” referring to the neighboring Jordan River which flows down to the Dead Sea. Jordan is the home of the ancient Nabataeans, who were merchants and traders. Modern Jordan was established in the aftermath of World War I when the Hashemite Arab Forces defeated the Ottoman forces in 1916. Britain granted the nation nominal independence in 1946, and the country was renamed to Jordan in 1951. In 1948, the nation participated in the Arab-Israeli war in Palestine and was able to prevent the Israeli forces from taking the West Bank of the Jordan River, including East Jerusalem. The West Bank was then ruled by Jordan until the Arab-Israeli War of 1967 when Israeli forces occupied the region in a surprise invasion. Jordan, which has a large Palestinian refugee population of several million people, as a result of the 1948 and 1967 wars, is one of the main borderline states that are affected by the Arab-Israeli conflict. Jordan witnessed a domestic upheaval in 1970 when fighting broke out between Palestinian rebels and the Jordanian Army. The Palestinian rebels were defeated and expelled from Jordan. In 1994, Jordan signed a peace treaty with Israel. Jordan has played a key role in the conflicts involving Iraq and Syria. During the Iraq-Iran War of the 1980’s, Jordan was the main supply route for goods into Iraq. During the blockade period of the 1990’s through 2003, Jordan was exempt from the sanctions and remained Iraq’s only outlet to the outside world. After the 2003 invasion of Iraq, thousands of Iraqis fled to Jordan causing strain on the Jordanian economy. Since the uprising began in Syria in 2011, thousands of Syrian refugees have fled to Jordan to seek safety from the ongoing civil unrest in the country. In 2004, Life registered to work as an NGO under the Ministry of Social Development. Life Jordan is providing care to orphans on a monthly basis and is working to provide emergency food and relief items to Syrian refugee families who are living in Jordan. Since its inception Life Jordan has assisted many poor and marginalized students with scholarships to attend college to receive higher education that will benefit the student and their families. Life also hosted children from neighboring countries to receive surgery and medical treatment in Jordan for medical conditions that cannot be treated in their home countries.


Orphan Sponsorship

The need for orphan sponsorship has increased tremendously within the last decade. The influx of war has caused many to flee their homes and become displaced, affecting children the most. We have regional offices in all the countries that we sponsor Orphans in.

Hearing Aids

Life’s Hearing Aid trip in 2016 was very successful. With over 30 audiologists, Life’s staff and volunteers in Amman fit Palestinian and Syrian refugee and needy Jordanian children with hearing aids.

Refugee Assistance

Life identifies displaced people and refugees needs for food, water, health care, housing, education and protection from harm and works to help provide for their needs as they transition to life in their new surroundings.


For many families in Muslim countries like Palestine, Iraq, Syria, Somalia, Sierra Leone, Ghana and Afghanistan, meat is considered a luxury item out of their reach.  During this holiday season, one of the most important acts of worship is the sacrifice of a sheep, goat or cow as an Udhiyah/Qurbani.


Every year, Life distributes Ramadan Food Baskets in over 23 countries and also hosts Iftar meals in Masjid Al-Aqsa in Jerusalem, villages in Africa and to communities in the USA. 


Life is aware of the present and looming threats to human health and safety in developing countries. We work around the clock to actively distribute medicine, medical supplies, and medical equipment, as well as build and renovate clinics and hospitals.

Life for Relief and Development

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