Pakistan is located in southern Asia, bordering the Arabian Sea. It is between India on the east, Iran and Afghanistan on the west, and China in the north. Pakistan has been involved in small conflicts since its separation from British-India in 1947. The country has also become the victim of severe natural disasters, such as massive widespread flooding in the Khyberpakhtunkhwa region and Baluchistan and also massive magnitude earthquakes that have destroyed thousands of homes and buildings in its wake. These natural disasters continue to take their toll on the people who still suffer from a lack of adequate shelter. Life began working in Pakistan in November 2001, primarily in response to the U.S.-Afghan war, to deal with the refugee infiltration from Afghanistan into Pakistan. Life immediately began providing food, shelter, and clothing to the impoverished refugees. After the earthquakes and floods in the country, there were numerous families left without shelter, and Life saw to it that they received distributions of medical supplies, tents, food, and various other forms of emergency relief. Life is frequently transporting medical supplies, medicines and equipment to hospitals in Karachi, Pakistan through a partnership with MedWish International and the Association of Physicians of Pakistani Decent in North America.


Water Wells

Water wells qualify as a source of ongoing charity. Donate a water well for your loved ones as a source of reward. Life digs water wells in villages and rural areas close to places of worship, hospitals, or schools.


Life is aware of the present and looming threats to human health and safety in developing countries. We work around the clock to actively distribute medicine, medical supplies, and medical equipment, as well as build and renovate clinics and hospitals.


Every year, Life distributes Ramadan Food Baskets in over 23 countries and also hosts Iftar meals in Masjid Al-Aqsa in Jerusalem, villages in Africa and to communities in the USA. 


For many families in Muslim countries like Palestine, Iraq, Syria, Somalia, Sierra Leone, Ghana and Afghanistan, meat is considered a luxury item out of their reach.  During this holiday season, one of the most important acts of worship is the sacrifice of a sheep, goat or cow as an Udhiyah/Qurbani.

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