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Lucie's Heartfelt Donation: Why She Chose LIFE to Give to

Lucie is a 90-year-old woman who embodies the true meaning of compassion and generosity. She left her home country of Egypt and moved to the United States over 60 years ago, facing the challenges of adapting to a new culture and way of life. Despite the difficulties, Lucie never lost sight of her passion for helping those in need. That's why she chose to donate to Life for Relief and Development (LIFE), an organization that shares her values and goals.

Lucie's daughter, Jacki, first introduced her to LIFE after hearing about the organization through their community. They were drawn to LIFE's diverse range of projects and were particularly interested in the work the organization does in Palestine. This cause has been close to their hearts for many years, as they followed news about the region through a local radio channel in Houston, where they currently reside.

When Lucie and Jacki called LIFE for the first time, they were impressed by the friendly and knowledgeable team member who was able to answer all their questions. They were also pleased to learn about LIFE's excellent reputation and 30 years of experience in the field.

One thing that stood out to Lucie and her daughter was LIFE's transparent and ethical approach to their projects. They appreciated the organization's commitment to making a direct impact on the causes and in the countries that they were most passionate about. As an immigrant herself, Lucie wanted to support an organization that was dedicated to helping immigrants and refugees in need.

LIFE's diverse range of projects, including disaster relief, education initiatives, and providing clean water and sanitation, impressed Lucie and her daughter. They were pleased to have the option to choose which projects they wanted to support. This personalized approach allowed them to make a direct impact on causes that mattered most to them.

Lucie's donation to LIFE is a testament to her kind and giving spirit. Lucie's generosity emanates the fortitude, optimism, and tenacity that she gained from her own life experiences.

We are incredibly grateful for Lucie's support and her dedication to helping those less fortunate. Donors like her make our work possible, and we are proud to have her as a part of our community.

Thank you, Lucie, for your heartfelt donation to LIFE. Your story is an inspiration to us all.

Photo of blooming flowers.
Photo of blooming flowers.



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