Water Wells

Clean Water In Africa And The Middle East: A Crisis

Clean water is the basis of health, and in areas where people struggle to access clean water, many avoidable health issues run rampant. Worldwide, over 780 million people do not have access to a water source that's cleaner than what they can find near their homes. Most people who fall into this category live in rural areas where they do not have the means to purchase water.

The areas most affected by the lack of clean water are sub-Saharan Africa, Southern Asia, and Eastern Asia. Sadly, many people in this area are unable to treat wounds, disease, and infection due to a lack of water. Teens in families in these areas often take on the burden of finding clean water for their families, leaving them unable to attend school on a regular basis.

Over 800,000 children die each year from health conditions related to persistent diarrhea, and it's estimated that over 88% of these deaths could be prevented by access to clean drinking water wells, access to clean water for hygiene, and access to sanitation facilities. These diseases can duplicate rapidly in areas where sanitation is lacking, as children may be exposed to the waste of other children who have been infected.

At Life for Relief and Development, we're working hard to build water wells and provide other ways for communities to access clean water. When we provide a community with a clean water source, we're making it possible for them to take control of their own health. If you're interested in helping us provide clean water to communities in need, reach out today to learn more.