In 1990, North and South Yemen were formally unified as the Republic of Yemen in 1990. Public rallies in Sana'a inspired by similar demonstrations in Tunisia and Egypt - slowly built momentum starting in late January 2011 fueled by complaints over high unemployment, poor economic conditions, and corruption. Some protests had resulted in violence, and the demonstrations had spread to other major cities The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) in late April 2011, in an attempt to mediate the crisis in Yemen, proposed an agreement in which the president would step down in exchange for immunity from prosecution. His refusal to sign an agreement led to heavy street fighting and his injury in an explosion in June 2011. The UN Security Council passed Resolution 2014 in October 2011 calling on both sides to end the violence and complete a power transfer deal. In 2011 the Huthis expanded a major offensive against military units and tribes against their Yemeni rivals to overrun the capital. In February 2015 the President escaped to Saudi Arabia and asked the GCC to intervene militarily in Yemen. In April 2015 Saudi Arabia announced completion of the operation but the fighting continued into 2016 when the UN brokered a deal to cease hostilities between the warring parties. Life for Relief and Development started working in Yemen in 2009 by providing relief during emergencies. After the recent crisis that started in 2011, Life has been providing medical supplies and equipment to hospitals, emergency relief items such as blankets, cook stoves and food items to poor and displaced families needing assistance, food baskets and fresh meat to struggling families during Ramadan and Eid Al-Adha and most recently provided a large shipment of medicines to WHO in Yemen.

Most of the population in Yemen is suffering from famine. Yemeni’s rely heavily on food imports due to shortages in agricultural water resources. Since the air, land and sea blockade stopped the supply routes of food, medicine and fuel the network for distribution of food has skyrocketed prices beyond the means of most Yemenis. Humanitarian assistance is barely keeping the Yemeni people alive. Emergency help is needed now.


Life for Relief and Development is working to provide emergency food, clean water and medicines to thousands of Yemeni people struggling to survive. Please donate today to save the lives of the Yemeni people. 


Emergency Relief

When emergencies strike, Life works quickly and efficiently to respond by providing food, water, medicine, and shelter. Life’s emergency response team works vigorously to improve the lives of the people who are suffering.


For many families in Muslim countries like Palestine, Iraq, Syria, Somalia, Sierra Leone, Ghana and Afghanistan, meat is considered a luxury item out of their reach.  During this holiday season, one of the most important acts of worship is the sacrifice of a sheep, goat or cow as an Udhiyah/Qurbani.


Every year, Life distributes Ramadan Food Baskets in over 23 countries and also hosts Iftar meals in Masjid Al-Aqsa in Jerusalem, villages in Africa and to communities in the USA. 

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