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An earthquake with a magnitude of 6.1 has left the country of Afghanistan devastated with more than 1,000 deaths and over 1,600 people injured. Villages have been completely destroyed and many have lost their families in what is one of the deadliest quakes that the country has experienced in decades. Safia, a 2-year-old being treated for a concussion, lost 18 members of her family, with only her mother and grandfather left.

The death toll and number of injured persons is said to increase as search and rescue teams are pulling people out from the rubble of the earthquake. The Afghanis are in dire need of aid more than ever, and LIFE is in the process of sending emergency aid, but we need your help. Please make a generous donation today to help the millions of Afghanis in need!

“The United Nations in Afghanistan is fully mobilized. Our teams are already on the ground assessing the needs and providing initial support,”

Mr. Guterres said in a statement.   

“We count on the international community to help support the hundreds of families hit by this latest disaster. Now is the time for solidarity.”  

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