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The global pandemic that is happening around the world right now is unsettling, and it has been instilling fear and anxiety in many people. The COVID-19 pandemic is not only spreading faster than foreseen, but it can affect anyone of us, and the impact is unprecedented. Governments, businesses and families respond to the pandemic in different ways with several cities, states and countries are on complete lockdown.


Many have lost their lives leaving widows and orphans behind. With the unemployment rate skyrocketing overnight, numerous people are left without jobs, leaving them unable to provide for their families. The world economy and peoples’ lifestyles are extremely disrupted.


However, no one is in this alone; we are all going through this crisis together, and we must take it upon ourselves to do what we can to help one another through this tough time. Some ways to help can include donating to organizations that are providing food and resources to those in need, leaving food at the doorsteps of your elderly neighbors, who are unable to leave their homes, help provide meals to kids who relied on school meals before the shutdown, and much more. After all, anyone could be affected by COVID-19; it could affect us, you or your loved ones.


Life for Relief and Development is asking for your support in helping us to aid many of those affected by COVID-19. By contributing a generous donation, you will help Life to provide food and resources to people all over the world, that are suffering due to the crisis we are all in. Let us be selfless in helping our communities!


After all, where there is Life, there is hope.


We pray that everyone stays safe and healthy until this pandemic is over.






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Lebanon - Covid-19 Relief Project
Lebanon - Covid-19 Relief Project

Lebanon - Covid-19 Relief Project

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Life for Relief and Development has been working around the clock to serve the needs of those all over the world from Lebanon and Texas to Syria and Bangladesh. Life distributed over 1,500 hygiene kits in Texas, Lebanon and Syria. In Bangladesh, Life distributed 5,000 masks, 300 PPE pieces amongst doctors and medical techs, 500 sanitizer bottles, over 100 food packages of essentials and 200 cooked meals to those in need.

However, the work of Life does not stop here. We are in the process of sending COVID-19 emergency relief aid to Iraq, Haiti, the Ivory Coast, Palestine, Ghana, Afghanistan, Syria, Senegal and Jordan. As always, we will provide you with more updates and pictures as they come!


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