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Transform Lives By the End of 2023

Your year end tax-deductible donation is your best bet to uplift your mood, feel your worth, and make a world of difference in the lives of those less fortunate. Make a contribution now and turn the few months left into a heartwarming finale of the year’s generosity story. 

Give the gift of warmth and hope this holiday season. 

Your Year End Donation, Their New Beginning

For over 3 decades, we've been the beacon of hope for vulnerable communities in 55+ countries. Our $550 million of humanitarian aid transformed countless lives. And we couldn’t have done it without You. Your generosity & willingness to help have been the torch lighting the dark nights of those in need. 
By donating now, you’ll be planting hope & warmth for the less fortunate in these cold months. You’ll be gifting them a new, more promising beginning.

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Together for a Brighter Year Ahead

Let's come together this season of giving & change lives directly. Your generosity helps us rescue families from hunger, extreme poverty, disease, and much more.

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