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Water Scarcity is Deadly,
But You Can Make a Massive Impact

The 2023 world is one of contradictions. While you’re - literally – one click away from all your life’s essentials and luxuries, others in abandoned parts of your same world cannot have a glass of clean drinking water. 

The sad reality is we became so desensitized to this fact, that no one is taking action to change the situation. At Life USA, we refuse to be robbed of our empathy; the definitive characteristic of our humanity, and we invite you to join us.
Donate now and give those less fortunate clean drinking water.

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Where You Were Born Determines Your Access to Everything In Your Life, Including Water.

Those in underdeveloped countries lack access to the basics - even to water. And while this finite resource is depleting for all of us, those in need are the most impacted. 
According to UNICEF, 4 billion people suffer from severe water scarcity for at least one month each year. That doesn’t mean they have water for the rest of the year. It just means the problem is less intense during other periods. However, this lack of water persists all year round.
That’s why you need to act now.

Key Facts

  • We use a variety of tools to serve water, including wells, purification technology, and fresh, clean potable water.

  • We installed more than 500 1000-liter water tanks in Gaza alone.

  • We provided Typ in Senegal with an electric water pump, containing a 1000-liter tank, giving water to over 30,000 people in the municipality. 

  • We donated a water filtration plant to the Ho Teaching Hospital, located in the Volta region of Ghana, in 2020.

  • We distributed 20-gallon bottles of emergency water to 3000 families in Basrah, Iraq during the water crisis in 2018.

Those are only a few examples of our hard work.

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Use Your Privilege to Give Clean Water to the Impoverished.

Their lives are awash with crises and pain, starting with not having water to drink. The good news is, you have the power to alleviate their suffering. In fact, you can literally give a thirsty child, not just a glass of clean water, but 30-year access to water. How? By donating toward a water well.

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