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Aid for Gaza: A Global Call to Action 

Strength and Dedication on the Ground in Gaza 


With over 30 years of experience, LIFE has diligently provided education, water, food, and medical aid in Gaza and the surrounding areas since 2004. Our initiatives in Gaza continue to make a significant impact today. Recognized by USAID, LIFE is endorsed as a top organization operating in Gaza. 


In the face of recent formidable challenges, our courageous team in Gaza has demonstrated remarkable resilience, resourcefulness, and adaptability. They work tirelessly, committed to meeting the urgent needs of the community. Through strategic partnerships locally and beyond borders, we effectively provide essential nourishment, medical care, and shelter, making a significant positive impact in these critical times. 



The Current Crisis 


- Over 27,478 deaths 

- More than 66,835 injured 

- 1.9 million displaced individuals 

- Widespread damage to essential infrastructure 

- Critical need for water, food, shelter, and medical aid 

- Disease and malnutrition affecting thousands 


Your Help Matters 


Since October 7th, 2023, our field experience, extensive network, and ability to overcome obstacles, combined with your support, have enabled us to accomplish so much. To date, we have successfully completed the following: 


  • Sent eight trucks of flour, benefiting 39,200 individuals with flour. 

  • Have and continue to provide hundreds of thousands of hot meals, 9,300 essential meals are served daily. 

  • Delivered RTE (ready-to-eat) food baskets to 532 families, providing aid to approximately 3,700 people. 

  • Continuously distributing 5,000 hot meals in Gaza/Khan Younus and ongoing distribution of 5,000 hot meals in Rafah & Deir al-Balah. 

  • Distributed food items to UN schools, serving as shelters for displaced families, and provided fresh produce, vegetables, and winter clothing to families and children in Gaza. 

  • Distributed 2,000 blankets, 7,280 food items, and 1,800 hygiene kits. 

  • Distributed 15 truckloads of essential supplies, including medicines, flour, and baby essentials. 

  • Installed solar panels, enabling clean water production of 1 million liters. 

  • Provided water bottles, ensuring access to clean drinking water for 3,600 people. 

  • Distributed 1,000 winter clothes in Rafah & Deir al-Balah. 

  • Supported three hospitals with vital medical supplies through dedicated convoys. 

  • Installed 20 washroom units in Rafah for camp latrines. 

  • Distributed hygiene kits and blankets, supporting 2,130 individuals. 

  • Distributed 100 toys bringing joy to children who have lost so much. 

  • Shipped eight containers of 2,000 winterized tents from Turkey to Gaza for shelter. 

  • Sent 1,040 food baskets filled with essential items. 

  • Provided fresh water in Deir al-Balah. 


"This aid from LIFE was a blessing. The food and blankets helped my family immensely, especially during the cold, rainy nights we have been experiencing” - Gaza Resident 



Urgent Appeal for Shelter 


Nearly 2 million displaced persons in Gaza require shelter, we are mobilizing to provide 100,000 winterized tents. Sourced from Turkey, these fully waterproof tents measure 4m x 4m and cost $400 each. For logistical efficiency, we're shipping them in containers, each container holds 250 tents at $100,000 per container. Our target is to deliver 400 containers to address this critical need in Gaza.  


Act Now 


Your support can be the difference between life and death. The situation in Gaza is dire. Every donation helps save lives and provide critical relief.  

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