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Improve Another's Quality of Life by Investing in Global Healthcare.

Healthcare is a Human Right

Despite this declaration, half the world lacks access to essential health services, and 100 million people are pushed to extreme poverty because of health expenses. Accessible and affordable healthcare is the foundation to break the cycle of poverty. A healthy population transforms into a productive society that can realize its aspirations.


LIFE’s Role in International Health Aid

  • Donates Medicine

  • Donates Medical Supplies

  • Donates Medical Equipment

  • Establishes New Medical Clinics

  • Upgrades Existing Medical Clinics and Hospitals

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Hearing the Fullness of Life

LIFE’s project Here to Hear improves the lives of the hearing impaired. By supporting audiologist humanitarian trips worldwide, those who are hard of hearing get the treatment and equipment needed to function with ease in their everyday lives.


  • Services Provided through Here to Hear

  • Ear Exam

  • Ear Cleaning

  • Hearing Aid Fitting

Advocating for Health Equity Everywhere

You can make a difference in someone’s life by donating to the Health Assistance Campaign. Take part in our fight to stop the suffering of millions due to poor health. Healthcare is a right we need to preserve for everyone.

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