Life is aware of the present and looming threats to human health and safety. We work around the clock to actively distribute medicine, medical supplies and medical equipment, as well as build and renovate clinics and hospitals. Life constructed three new medical clinics to provide affordable health services to communities in Ramadi, Ishaki and Diyalah, located in Iraq. Two state-of-the-art medical facilities were also built in the Palestinian cities of Jaba and Jabalia. Life continues to deliver several containers of medical supplies and equipment to local hospitals and clinics throughout the world.


Life has also participates in Hearing Aid Missions all over the world through a project called “Here to Hear.” In February of 2020, Life staff members travelled to South Africa and Guatemala to provide those in need of hearing aids, as well as ear cleanings. Before the COVID-19 pandemic spread rapidly around the world, Life had planned to travel to Jordan, Ecuador, Zambia, Mozambique, Pakistan, Argentina, the Middle East and back to South Africa and Guatemala to carry out the same mission – helping those with hearing impairments.


You can help change a life by making a donation, which will help to provide ear exams, ear cleanings and hearing-aids to those in need. Just see how one person’s life changed in February of 2020.




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