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Create a Beautiful Tomorrow for an Orphan Today.

Big Hearts Helping Little Hearts

We go the distance. No matter where they are, LIFE uplifts orphans with our Orphan Sponsorship Program. Without worrying about their survival, orphans have opportunities to thrive and reach their potential. We can change the entire trajectory of a child’s life with support and empowerment.

The Building Blocks of Life

We improve the lives of orphans who lost one or both parents by providing the necessities of living - water, food, clothing, shelter, and healthcare. We also invest in their future by funding their education.


LIFE has currently facilitated over 11,000 Sponsored Orphans

Change a Child’s Life

Recurring Gifts

Helping a child on a $60/month, or $720/year basis, provides an orphan with the continual support he/she needs. You will be paired with a child and receive a profile and a photo. Your commitment makes a powerful impact on a child’s life and the better tomorrow possible.


* Recurring gifts of a denomination of your choice is also available

One-Time Gift

A one-time gift to the General Orphan Fund or Orphan Special Gifts is possible for those who want to give without commitment. Your gift will be pooled with others and utilized in programming that benefits the orphans as a group. Your generosity and desire to make a difference for these children are greatly appreciated.

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Global Orphan Party

You can make a meaningful difference in the lives of vulnerable children by donating to the Global Orphan Party. Your donation will go towards throwing an unforgettable party for orphans, including food, drinks, decorations, new outfits, gifts, and fun activities

Celebrations throughout the year can be tough for orphans, but with your help, we can create an amazing party that they will remember forever. Your donation will help us bring joy to their lives and make them feel loved and valued. We want to show them that they are not alone in this world and that people care about them. Make an orphan smile today.


Leave a positive impact on the world with the orphans you uplift today.

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