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Announcing LIFE’s Exciting New Partnership with FreeWill

Enabling You to Plan, Protect, and Impact

Life is a journey filled with unknowns, securing your future doesn't have to be one of them. The act of creating a will is a proactive step that carries profound significance, not only for yourself but for your loved ones as well. It transcends mere asset allocation; it's about ensuring your wishes are honored, safeguarding your family's well-being, and leaving behind a legacy that resonates. We are thrilled to unveil LIFE's new collaboration with FreeWill, an organization that is revolutionizing estate planning and enabling everyone to craft their will without the financial burden.

Imagine having the power to shape your legacy while also making a positive impact on the causes you care deeply about. With this innovative partnership, you now have that opportunity. FreeWill is on a mission to democratize estate planning, breaking down the barriers that have historically made it complex, daunting, and expensive. A staggering 70% of adults in the U.S. currently lack a will, leaving their future uncertain and potentially causing difficulties for their loved ones. FreeWill changes this narrative by providing a user-friendly platform that empowers you to create a will tailored to your needs and values. What's more, their commitment to

charitable giving has led to over $8.1 billion in pledges to nonprofit organizations through their platform.

LIFE, with its extensive experience spanning over three decades and its significant contributions to humanitarian aid and relief, is a driving force in creating positive change around the globe. Our commitment to innovation and progress aligns perfectly with FreeWill's mission to make impactful estate planning accessible to all. This partnership marries the essential act of estate planning with the opportunity to support LIFE's humanitarian initiatives, ensuring your legacy resonates through both personal and societal transformations.

Writing your will is an act of foresight, a gesture of care for your loved ones and the values you hold dear. None of us can predict the length of our journey, which is why being prepared is an act of wisdom and kindness. A will ensures that your wishes are respected, your family is provided for, and your legacy lives on. Here are some compelling reasons why having a will matters:

1. Ensuring Your Wishes Are Honored: A will empowers you to decide how your assets are distributed, ensuring your intentions are respected and that your values guide your legacy.

2. Protecting Your Loved Ones: By designating guardianship for minor children, you provide a safety net that ensures their well-being and future are secured.

3. Minimizing Family Conflicts: A clear and well-drafted will reduce the potential for disputes among family members, fostering unity during a challenging time.

4. Efficient Asset Distribution: A will expedite the distribution of assets, providing beneficiaries with quicker access to their inheritance and minimizing unnecessary delays.

5. Charitable Giving and Legacy Building: Through a will, you can leave a lasting impact by designating gifts to causes you're passionate about, continuing your influence beyond your lifetime.

6. Planning for the Unexpected: Life's uncertainties are inevitable, but a will provides a measure of control and comfort for your loved ones during unexpected circumstances.

7. Securing Your Digital Assets: In a digital age, your will can include instructions for handling your online accounts and valuable digital assets, ensuring no loose ends are left behind.

This exciting partnership with FreeWill is an invitation to secure your future while making a tangible difference in the world. Whether you're taking your first steps into estate planning or considering updating your existing will, this collaboration empowers you to craft a legacy that reflects your values and aspirations. Join us in this endeavor, and let's journey forward together, leaving a positive impact that resonates for generations to come.

A photo of father and daughter.
A photo of father and daughter.



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