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LIFE Distributes Water Tanks to Families in the Gaza Strip

Following the violent air-strikes that occurred in Gaza this past May, many residents are left without clean water to drink and cook with. Water is not only an essential that is needed to survive but should also be a basic human right. Many people that go without clean drinking water are affected by diseases, that can at many times be fatal.

Life for Relief and Development has been carrying out an ongoing project to install 1,000-liter water tanks in the homes of families that are affected by the tragedy of war. The tanks will provide a family of eight with a supply of clean drinking water for a whole year. This goal of this continuing project is to provide as many families as possible with access to clean drinking water to reduce diseases caused by pollution and the salinity of drinking water.

LIFE would like to thank its donors for their support in helping us to provide a significant impact on the lives of those living in the Gaza Strip.



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