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Not Your Typical Ramadan

With Ramadan around the corner next week, this holy month will not be like any other. The COVID-19 pandemic will be bringing about a new way to worship during Ramadan this year. Typically, Ramadan consists of a feeling of togetherness by social gatherings during services, prayers, and iftar – the breaking of the fast at dusk. However, this year presents a different feeling of that “togetherness”. With social distancing and lockdowns in place all over the world, what will this Ramadan look like and feel like?

Many of us have our annual traditions during the holy month, but those traditions may be quite different this year, as we are all isolated in our homes. Nevertheless, this does not mean we have to feel an emptiness or loneliness, away from our loved ones. Thankfully, with technology, we are able to connect with one another and keep some of these traditions going, on a different scale.

Life for Relief and Development has provided a service to Imams across the globe. With a Zoom Business Account, Imams can keep their communities going virtually, from a prayer service or sermon to a therapy session or family night. The Zoom Business Account allows each Imam to include up to 300 participants per session, with an unlimited time of use for each Zoom call. This service will allow communities to continue to feel a togetherness, while social distancing. In addition, Life is providing a free training session every Tuesday and Thursday from 2:00pm-4:00pm ET.

This service is also being offered to any religious leader, not just Imams, whether a priest or Rabbi or any other religious leader of a community. For more information on this service, or if you are a religious leader that is interested in using this free service, please contact Nael Hasen at 714-715-0421 or



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