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Rising Together in the Light

The rewards of charity transcend this life. Each action we take today plants a seed that has the potential to grow goodness.


With every life you save, it is as if you saved a nation. When you feed someone in need, there is hope for future generations and the possibility they hold.

This Ramadan, give compassion and charity to those in need through Life for Relief and Development. Certified with 30 years of experience with zakat-ul-maal, zakat-ul-fitr, and other Ramadan contributions, LIFE will deliver your charity efficiently and ethically.

This year LIFE is distributing high-quality food and Eid gifts to families and individuals in need worldwide.

  • You choose from 36 countries where you would like to donate to and how much.

  • You choose how your donation is used, food baskets, hot iftar meals or Eid gifts.

    • ​Food baskets contain delicious, nutritious food that will feed a family of six for an entire month.

    • Hot iftar meals are distributed to displaced refugee communities or Al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem.

    • Eid gifts are given to children in need all over the globe.

  • All food and gifts are locally sourced, and local community members are employed to help distribute them.

  • Families and individuals are chosen through lists of needy families and orphans registered in the countries where LIFE works.

  • Refugees, internally displaced persons, widows with children, the disabled, and low-income families are prioritized.

Give this Ramadan generously and build a brighter future in this life and the next.

“For those of you who believe and spend in charity, for them is a great reward.”

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