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Rising Together in the Light

The rewards of charity transcend this life. Each action we take today plants a seed that has to potential to grow goodness.


With every life you save, it is as if you saved a nation. When you feed someone in need, there is hope for future generations and the possibility they hold.

This Ramadan, Life for Relief and Development is distributing high-quality food to families and individuals in need worldwide.

  • You choose which country you would like to donate to and how much.

  • The donations will be used to distribute food baskets containing delicious, nutritious food that will feed a family of six for an entire month.

  • The food is locally sourced, and local community members are employed to help distribute it.

  • Each family is chosen through lists of needy families and orphans registered in the countries where LIFE works.

  • Refugees, internally displaced persons, widows with children, the disabled, and low-income families are prioritized.

Give this Ramadan generously and build a brighter future in this life and the next.

“For those of you who believe and spend in charity, for them is a great reward.”
(Quran 57:7)

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