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Will you Support Orphaned Children this Ramadan?

Over 153 million orphaned children worldwide yearn for a glimmer of love and hope. The loss of their parents has left a void filled with uncertainty and solitude. This Ramadan, you have the power to illuminate their lives with compassion and warmth, offering them the promise of a brighter future.

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Building Bridges for Orphans in Ramadan 2024

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With the generous hearts of people like you, we've welcomed 13,000 orphans into our care, transforming despair into dreams and sorrow into joy. Each donation, whether a recurring gift or a single contribution, sparks change in the lives of these vulnerable children, offering them the security and love they desperately need.

Your support is their bridge to a future filled with opportunities.

Make an Impact this Ramadan

Sponsor an Orphan

Support an Orphans Education

More than 17,000 Children Have Been Orphaned in Gaza since Oct 7

This Ramadan, your donation can help us rush shelter, nutrition, and medicine to these children who lost their parents overnight. Let’s be their refuge in the holy month.

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