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Aleppo is one of the world’s oldest cities. It was once Syria’s largest and most beautiful city until it was devastated by civil war. The war began in 2011, a struggle that arose from the origins of the Arab Spring a year earlier. In 2015, the city of Aleppo was destroyed. The bombing of much of the infrastructure and the lack of access to medical aid, water, and food led to the rebel’s defeat and the city’s fall.  Healthcare clinics, hospitals, schools, electrical wiring, clean water, and sanitation systems were damaged or destroyed. Historic landmarks and once active busy marketplaces were reduced to rubble.

Over a decade later the Syrian refugee crisis remains the largest refugee displacement of our time says World Vision. 6.8 million Syrian refugees are abroad and 6.7 are displaced within Syrian borders. Some of the population is not displaced, however, do not have access to the necessary requirements for everyday life like food, water, and clothing. These people along with those displaced contribute to 11.1 million people relying on humanitarian assistance. One of the greatest battles of the displaced people within Syria is the lack of suitable housing. Most of the internally displaced Syrians have been living in tents, some of them for over ten years. The weather this winter in Syria has been particularly hazardous. -14 degrees Celsius (6.8 Fahrenheit) weather, snowstorms have resulted in tents collapsing on people, children, and the elderly falling ill or freezing to death. LIFE has been an active player in the humanitarian aid distributed in this country for many years. Now LIFE has decided to help the Syrian people to ensure they have essential housing with our project from Tents to Homes. Starting six years ago with our partner NGOs, fifty villages/compounds of homes have already been built. Building forty homes will take three months and that is why it is imperative that we invest in the people of Syria immediately.


Life is accepting general donations for the project as well as payment plans for one year. Donors will have their names put on the house they contributed to. The options for donation are as follows: 
1.    Two floors each floor has two apartments (55 Meters each) $5000/house
2.    One floor each has six apartments (30-40 Meters each) $2,000/house

The continued efforts of NGOs and Projects like LIFE’s Tent to Homes must continue as it provides Syrians with the fundamental right to adequate housing. LIFE and the international community must and will continue to support Syrian refugees in their time of need with the help of our generous donors.

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