According to the United Nations, 2.2 billion people around the world lack access to safe and clean drinking water, as well as clean water for sanitation. This leads to poor hygiene practices that leave an effect on the health of many, especially children. The mortality rate of children lacking clean water is devasting with more than 297,000 children under five dying each year to diseases that are the result of unclean and unsafe water. People who do not have clean drinking water are forced to rely on sources, such as surface water and contaminated well water, resulting in health disasters. Access to clean water allows individuals to escape the vicious cycle of poverty and disease, while contributing to a significant increase in their overall health and life expectancy.

Life works around the clock to be able to provide communities all over the world with access to clean drinking water and clean water for sanitation purposes in places like: Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Gaza, Ghana, Iraq, Kenya, Mali, Pakistan, Senegal, Sierra Leone and Somalia.

Your generous support makes this possible. Give the gift of clean water by donating to this cause today!





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