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Morocco Earthquake

Gaza Crisis Emergency Relief


The Situation in Gaza

In the heart of Gaza's adversities are the lines and lines of aid trucks halted at its borders — this contrasts with the chilling temperatures, escalating hunger, and limited access to clean water inside Gaza. Currently, 1.4 million people, are suffering without aid - half of whom are children.


In this challenging scenario, LIFE is among the few organizations with dedicated teams inside Gaza, allowing your gifts of relief to reach the innocent women, children, and men who need it most.

Give Hope to Gaza

Compassion in Action

Your support has been pivotal. Since October 7th, together we've achieved:

Meals: We've distributed daily hot meals, bread, and food baskets to 13,023 people, and organized a food convoy with 5 truckloads.

Water: Our initiatives include installing a solar panel to power a water filtration station, providing 5 million liters of clean water, and distributing water bottles to 3,600 people.

Comfort: We've supplied 3,010 hygiene kits, 1,700 blankets, and toys for 100 injured children.

Medical Aid: Our efforts include delivering medical supplies and equipment through 15 truckloads of aid.

Upcoming Interventions & Organizational Strategy

Emergency shelters in Gaza are increasingly becoming overwhelmed, signaling the acute need for essentials, particularly potable water.


Your Gift Provides:

● Provide every emergency shelter with four pivotal water tanks.

● Distribute warm meals ready for those facing hunger.

● Give out comprehensive hygiene kits to prevent diseases.

● Timely distribution of blankets to fight off the cold.

● Efficient deployment of nutrition-rich food baskets.

● Ensuring access to life-saving medications.

UPDATE: Jan 2024

Winterized Tents:

We have been asked by the Gaza Red Crescent to provide 100K three- layered 4mx4m winterized waterproof and fireproof tents for Gaza

Tents are manufactured in Turkey and shipped to Egypt and enter Gaza through the Rafah crossing

The cost per tent is $400 which includes shipping costs

Each 40-foot shipping container holds 250 tents, the cost of one container of tents is $100K


Food Aid:

●The truck will upload up to 1040 food baskets each cost $38.5 so the total will be $40,000 for each truck includes all logistics (Printing

  branded boxes, banners, shipping).

●Each food basket contents (6 pounds of rice, 4 cans of beans, 3 caned meat, 4 pounds of flour, 10 pounds of pasta, 3 pounds pf cheese,     4 jars of tomato sauce, 4 pounds of Halawa (Sweets), 2 pounds of salt, 2 pounds of ghee, and 25 packets of baking powder).

●The truck from the packing until it gets inside Gaza it will take 10 days.


●The truck will load 2000 blankets, each costs $12 and the total will be $24,000.

●The truck from the packing until it gets inside Gaza it will take 10 days.



Every contribution, be it in the form of water, food, or warmth, your gift can save a life.

Reach Out and Raise up Those in Need.


Going the Distance. Every Time.

When disasters strike, LIFE works quickly on the front lines. Our Emergency Relief Program enables us to prepare for emergencies and act quickly to aid affected people.

In 2021, 432 catastrophic events were recorded globally.

Millions worldwide are trying to survive events that have upended their lives. Without warning, emergencies like war, natural disasters, or global pandemics leave victims traumatized and in need of life’s most-needed necessities.


By meeting physiological needs, we send a message of hope and care.

What Does the Emergency Relief Program Provide:

Clean Drinking Water

Food Boxes


Hygiene Products




Depending on the type and severity of the emergency, one or multiple necessities are sent out.

It Takes a Village

Giving to the Emergency Relief Program will make you a part of a community that lends a helping hand when it is needed most. Even though you don’t know the names or faces you are helping, know that your generosity will touch the hearts of those you’ve helped.


Learn more about some catastrophic events that took place worldwide, and how LIFE intervened.

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