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Back to School in Iraq

Life for Relief and Development distributed 500 school bags for students going back to school this year. The distribution took place in the area of Baghdad and Samara. 150 bags were distributed in Al-Raya School in Baghdad, 150 bags in BelatAlshuhada School in Baghdad, 40 bags were distributed to each school in Selahuddin – Samerra; Al-Aswar School, First Abbasi School, Second Abbasi School, First Al-Moatamid School, and Second Al-Moatamid School. The bags included a pack of pencils, color pencils, coloring books, notebooks, erasers, water bottles, and pencil case. Life’s back to school program ensures that children have the necessary supplies to continue their education.

Life would like to thank all of its donors for their support in helping us to make this happen!


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