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How Your Donations Are Reaching Gaza’s Desperate Families Despite All Odds

Every day, LIFE is working in Gaza to provide support to those in need. Here's a behind-the-scenes look at how your support is effectively reaching those suffering and providing them with much-needed relief.

The news stations, media outlets, the UN, people working in Gaza, and most importantly the people suffering inside are all saying the same thing: there is not enough aid to go around in Gaza.

My heart broke the other day as I watched an elderly woman rinsing some grass to cook for her grandchildren for dinner on social media. It brought tears to my eyes.

Recently, I spoke with some people in my immediate circle who have stopped donating to Gazan causes altogether because they believe that no aid is getting through the border. “There is no point in donating when it may never reach the people it is intended for,” a friend of mine said.

Thankfully, this sentiment is not true. At least it is not with LIFE. Your donations to Gaza are reaching people.

Due to our capacity, network, and understanding of the region, we can effectively work in Gaza during a crisis of this scale.

That said, what you have heard is not all wrong. People are starving and that is because some aid is getting through, it is just not as much as it should be, and the amount is unpredictable.

This is especially true in comparison to what the people of Gaza normally receive. Normally, 600 trucks would be let in each day, which would be just enough to provide for and feed the 2.1 million people living there.

Now, every day is different. On any given day, anywhere from 3 to 80 trucks will be let in, which is not nearly enough to provide sustenance, medical aid, water, tents, fuel, and other necessities to the desperate people of Gaza.

Despite this, aid is still reaching the people. Do not be deterred in your resolve to help the helpless in Gaza. Your support makes a difference when you give to organizations that are effectively working in the area.

Life for Relief and Development is one of the few organizations that is making a significant impact in Gaza, here’s why.

Multiple Entry Points

We operate from various borders, like Jordan and Egypt, and within Gaza itself. Our aid targets three regions: North, Central Gaza, and the South.

Strategic entry points include Karama Shalom in Jordan and Al Aresh. In Egypt, a stocked storehouse facilitates seamless coordination and delivery of essential supplies. Aid passes through the Rafah border into Israel for distribution by the Palestinian Red Crescent.

Working With Authorities

With a collaborative effort between various organizations and authorities, we ensure the efficient flow of aid to communities in need, despite the challenges posed by logistical processes and checkpoints. We have agreements with the Palestinian, Egyptian, and Jordan authorities to accept all goods leaving Egypt and Jordan and entering Palestine.

We coordinate with each group to make sure that all the aid we send fits the requirements and does not exceed the limitations set by each governing body. This saves time and money, knowing that our aid will be accepted and sent to its intended destination.


In the last five months, our efforts in the north of Gaza have persevered despite the challenges posed by escalating chaos. Although there is limited access, we've managed to continue distributing hot meals and fresh bread daily, a lifesaver for many. The scarcity of essentials like flour has driven prices to unprecedented highs, prompting us to source locally and find new ways to acquire flour to make the daily bread from within Gaza.

Proactive measures were taken to aid a local farm in the north that was faced with the threat of closure due to a lack of animal feed. Recognizing the urgency, we intervened, purchasing, and preserving the livestock, ensuring a sustainable supply of meat for the northern region's residents. This initiative has not only averted a potential catastrophe but also provided nourishment to those in need.

In the South, access to clean water has long been a pressing concern. While initially, people were reliant on our shipments of bottled water from Egypt, recent months have seen significant progress with the successful restoration of the water station in Khan Yunis. This milestone enables us to replenish large tanks with clean water, vital for the displaced communities residing in camps across the region.

Like our efforts in the north, the south continues to benefit from our daily distribution of hot meals in Khan Yunis and Rafah. The presence of two kitchen facilities enhances our capacity to meet the growing demand, making sure that no one goes hungry for those that can reach our location. Regular sightings of distribution trucks in the region facilitate a more consistent distribution of essentials, including winter clothes, blankets, mattresses, and medical supplies.

Our dedication to hygiene and sanitation is of the utmost importance in camps where the possibility of waterborne disease is high. So, we constructed latrines in the camps to uphold standards of cleanliness and provide dignified facilities for residents.

Throughout Gaza, LIFE for Relief and Development is more than just a helping hand; it's a source of strength for countless individuals and families facing so much hardship.

Deeply Embedded Network and Connections

LIFE has been working in Gaza since 2004. We have provided clean water solutions, hot meals, food baskets, clothes, orphan sponsorship, family assistance, medical procedures, medical aid, and equipment, to name a few. That means we have twenty years of experience in the area. That is two decades of knowledge on how to navigate a delicate conflict-ridden area with limited resources.

One of the reasons we have had so much success and have been so effective in distributing aid during this heightened crisis is because of the partnership with local vendors, farmers, shopkeepers, families, and individuals that we have developed over the years. We know how to navigate the terrain and do it well. That is why with the help of added support from our previous and new donors we have accomplished so much.

To date, LIFE has completed the following projects in the last five months:

  • Each day, we provide nourishing meals to 5,000 individuals. Over 30,000 meals have been served.

  • Freshly baked bread brings comfort to 4,866 people every day. Over 35,000 buns have been distributed.

  • Ready to Eat (RTE) food baskets reached 40,000 individuals, delivering essential provisions to support the hungry.

  • Over 20,000 50 kg bags of flour and over 15,000 fresh vegetables were distributed to families.

  • Toys were given to 100 children in central Gaza.

  • Solar panels power water filtration stations, over 5 million liters of clean water has been distributed.

  • Hygiene kits are distributed to 430 families.

  • Blankets were distributed to 2,000 individuals.

  • Water bottles quench the thirst of 3,600 people in the South.

  • A total of three medical convoys delivered supplies to hospitals.

  • A total of 18 truckloads of vital supplies were delivered, including medicines and flour, arrived in Gaza for distribution to communities in need.

  • Food items are distributed to UN schools serving as shelters to families.

  • Fresh fruits and vegetables are provided to 1,500 families.

  • A total of 2,000 winterized tents are being shipped from Turkey to Gaza.

  • Food baskets containing essentials like rice and pasta are distributed to 1,040 families.

  • Over 200 Winter coats and clothing are provided to children in the south.

In addition to all our current projects, we intend to expand our initiatives in Gaza to include the following projects:

  • The installation of solar panels within camps in the south near Khan Yunis and Rafah. The displaced will have access to electricity more consistently. This will also enable aid providers to use more tools in medical procedures, cooking, heating, and more.

  • LIFEs Ramadan hot iftar meal and food basket distributions will take place in all regions of Gaza and the West Bank too, alleviating some of the food scarcity and allowing people a moment of relief.

  • We also intended to host fun-filled and family Eid parties for families and orphans to enjoy food, fun, games, and gifts. These events will hopefully be a means of uplifting many children who have lost so much.

Life for Relief and Development is making a difference in Gaza. Despite obstacles, aid is getting through, thanks to their strategic approach and deep-rooted connections. With your continued support, we can ease the burdens that the innocent children, women, and men of Gaza have been shouldering.

You are the answer to their cries for help. "Even if only a little light gets through a crack, it is still getting through and it is better than no light at all," said Omar Elridi, Programs Manager at LIFE. Be their warmth, be their light, your support makes a difference.


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