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Hearing Aid Mission in Palestine 2019

Life for Relief and Development implemented a Hearing Aid Mission in November of 2019 in the Jenin Governorate area of the northern West Bank in Palestine. Having more than 370,000 people, the unemployment rate is at an all-time high, with the Palestinian Statistical Center reporting over a 21 percent unemployment rate.

Many families are without a breadwinner, especially those who are elderly, widows, orphans and disabled. Many people suffer from hearing loss, so Life took initiative to provide hearing aids for a majority of those hearing-impaired persons.

From this group, along with a focus on hearing-impaired students from the Hanan School and Jenin Education School, Life was able to provide hearing-aids. The percentage of hearing loss exceeded to 60 percent, but Life was able to provide 80 percent of students with hearing aids, making the 60 percent of hearing loss return to normal for the 80 percent of students.

This is just one of many Hearing Aid Missions implemented by Life in 2019, with many more to come in 2020.



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