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Hearing the Call: Louisiana

Bringing the Gift of Hearing to the Hearing Impaired in Louisiana

Imagine, if you will, the sound of your child's voice saying, “I love you.” Imagine the sound of wind chimes welcoming an autumn breeze or your best friend telling a joke that you’ll laugh too much over. Sound is all around you. It gives comfort, enjoyment, or even a warning of danger. It's the cat purring in your ear or the sweet nostalgia of music from your youth. Now imagine losing it. Imagine sounds being too distorted or faint to tell what they are. What would you miss the most? You know there are skilled doctors and advanced technologies available in your town that could give it all back but the healthcare system has left you behind and such good treatment comes at a cost; a cost you can’t afford. The world is experiencing a global economic crisis with the cost of living skyrocketing. More and more people are unable to access the help they need. This is why the work of LIFE organization’s “Hearing the Call” is so vital. Now, more than ever, a helping hand is needed for so many to restore the extraordinary gift of hearing.

With your help LIFE and The Hearing Center of Lake Charles did just that. On September 6th & 7th, they provided a much-needed hearing clinic. Eleven patients were seen and fitted with the latest technology in hearing devices. That’s 22 ears that can now hear! Patients came from all walks of life. Our audiologists saw everyone from children to the elderly experiencing mild to profound hearing loss. Patients like Angie Gullroy who has struggled with congenital hearing loss her entire life. After a severe loss of hearing around 2016 her old hearing devices were totally inadequate limiting her interactions with the world around her. Hearing the Call Louisiana provided her with the new devices needed. She said,

“It’s like I’m just born! I can hear things I’ve not heard for years and it’s very much a blessing. I’m very grateful they’re offering this.”

Dan Zimmerman is a patient whose hearing was damaged after decades of devoting himself to his community as a firefighter. The now-retired firefighter described how loud the sirens are and how he had lived for years with hearing loss until his wife recently found Hearing the Call Louisiana and scheduled him for an appointment. He is very excited about adjusting to life with his new hearing devices.

As a blue-collar worker, Wayne Doyle was constantly exposed to loud noise. He had been wearing hearing aids from the age of seven. Over time his hearing diminished much more. In desperate need of upgraded, modern hearing devices, and unable to afford them on his own, he turned to Hearing the Call Louisiana.

“It makes me feel good for people who can't afford them all at once. It’s really heart-touching,” said Wayne.

Dr. Ram Nileshwar said that the St. Charles community has been his home for over 40 years and has given him so much. This was just the opportunity he was looking for to give

back. Dr. Jordan Strong feels that seeing the complete joy and happiness on a patient’s face after they have a new device makes this so gratifying. Their partner Dr. Elizabeth McCutchen loves the feeling of being a part of something so much bigger as LIFE provides this service as a worldwide initiative.

Forbes Health reports that on average people wait seven years before seeking help for hearing loss. As our patient’s stories have shown, finances can be a huge factor. Please help more patients like Angie, Dan, and Wayne. Together we can expand the program and help more patients who just need a hand up to help them get the life-changing hearing devices they need.

LIFE and Hearing the Call Louisiana are so thankful for those who have already given so generously. Truly dreams have come true due to your donations. As patient Kristen Hester said,

“Instead of saying, well she can’t afford it so she just doesn't hear anymore, y’all step in and help people like me. It’s just a feeling that I guess nobody would know unless you experience it. Thank you so much. Y’all have been a blessing to myself and I’m sure other.”

The Hearing Center of Lake Charles saw patients young and old at Hearing The Call.
The Hearing Center of Lake Charles saw patients young and old at Hearing The Call.


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