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Hearing the Call Southwest Florida

LIFE for Relief and Development hearing mission aims to help those with hearing disabilities. LIFE provides hearing aids through a project called "Hearing the Call." This July 31st in Cape Coral, Florida LIFE, provided aid to 13 patients, most of them were children. We provided a total of 22 hearing aids. LIFE’s mission is deeply rooted in the belief that saving lives should be a priority of all mankind.

Elizabeth is just 5 years old. Her family came from Cuba and has no access to any help. A counselor told her about Hearing the Call. Elizabeth is very precocious and was a little surprised when she could hear better. Her mother didn’t know how to react at first. Later when the realization hit her, she began to cry. She realized how much hope she had for her daughter.

LIFE would like to thank its donors for all of their support in continuing to spread smiles!



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