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Life Sends Emergency Aid to Lebanon

With the recent explosion in Beirut, Lebanon, the people have been left devastated. Prior to the explosion, Lebanon was already experiencing economic issues while battling the COVID-19 pandemic. Hospitals are at overcapacity and people are left homeless because of the explosion, that took out miles of infrastructure.

Life for Relief and Development sent emergency aid consisting of food baskets, water bottles, shovels, brooms and carts. Life is also in the process of sending 6 – 40 foot shipping containers of medical supplies and equipment to the Lebanese Red Cross/Crescent to the following hospitals: Rafic Hariri, CCCL, Karantina, Wardiye, J3itawi, AUBMC and the St. Jude Cancer Center in Lebanon.

Life would like to thank their donors for their quick response with their support in helping to make this happen.


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