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LIFE ‘Hears the Call’ in Colorado

Many people take for granted the ability to hear the sounds that surround them every day, without even thinking twice of how different life would be if we couldn’t hear a single sound. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), over 5% of the world’s population – or 430 million people – require rehabilitation to address their ‘disabling’ hearing loss. Unfortunately for many, access to affordable treatment is not available. Life for Relief and Development has been pairing up with Entheos to participate in Hearing Aid Missions all over the world through a project called, “Here to Hear”.

In June of this year, LIFE made a trip to Durango, Colorado to fit 38 people with hearing aids, as well as provide audiology care for anyone that came to the clinic. Kristy wore hearing aids in the 1990’s , but over time they broke, and she was unable to repair them to due financial reasons. With moderate hearing loss in one ear and severe hearing loss in the other, everyday tasks became a burden on Kristy. Aside from this, she also lost both her son and husband, and during grief counseling the therapist suggested that Kristy start doing things to take care of herself, and one of those things included her deserving to hear. Over time, Kristy would slowly save money, so that she was able to put a p-ta down payment on hearing aids, almost like a layaway plan. She heard about Hearing the Call and how they can help, and during her appointment she cried tears of gratefulness and humbleness.

It’s stories like this that push LIFE to keep going with projects like this, and we cannot do that without your support. Thank you to those who helped in giving us the ability to provide such a blessing to those in need and changing their lives!



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