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Life Partners with Mutual Aid Disaster Relief to Send Relief Following Earthquake in Puerto Rico

On January 7th, 2020, a 6.4 magnitude earthquake hit Puerto Rico, causing widespread damage in the southern region and temporarily knocking out power throughout the island. What were once homes and local shops are piles of rubble, displacing over 8,000 people. With the dangerous and unsafe homes and buildings, many people impacted by the earthquake lost access to their beds, kitchens and bathrooms.

Life for Relief and Development partnered with Mutual Aid Disaster Relief (MADR) to support providing emergency relief to 75 households and a total of 500 beneficiaries. Items that were provided included: household cleaning supplies, food, drinking water, Gatorade, baby wipes, propane stoves, 36 tents, 26 camping stoves, 17 air mattresses. In bulk, Life provided: batteries, headlamps, tarps, food, water, cleaning supplies, toilet paper and more.

Individual requests were also fulfilled, such as concrete to rebuild a damaged structure, canopies for impromptu camps and a sink for an encampment of displaced people. Additionally, MADR built 19 private, outdoor showers, after receiving feedback from individuals for the need. Life provided the raw materials that were essential to building these showers, giving those affected individuals a more dignified life.

When disaster hits, Life is there, and where there is Life, there is hope.


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