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Sports Field Rehabilitation in Iraq

Sports bring people together. It is a universal language that promotes health and a sense of wellbeing. Participation in sports has a positive impact on the lives of youths, and the benefits can be seen physically, mentally, and socially.

On a physical level, those who play sports regularly have lower body fat, stronger muscles, and bones, and increased cardiovascular fitness. Exercise boosts the immune system and toxins are eliminated faster through perspiration. The risks of sickness and disease are significantly lower, and the overall community is healthier.

Sports give youths an outlet for their energy and sports also train them to problem solve in a fun and rewarding way. It also presents opportunities for them to learn life skills that help in their lives as they grow. Skills like time management, working hard, and how to handle disappointments are invaluable to lead a successful life. As individuals see themselves improve in their skills in sports, their self-confidence grows and encourages them to keep working hard.

Playing in a team sport helps to develop social skills. Working together, taking turns, and cheering for others are important in a person’s sense of belonging. Not only that, making new friends can build a sense of community.

With all these benefits of participating in sports, having well-maintained facilities are vital. LIFE for Relief and Development stepped up to the task of revitalizing sports fields in Akito and Shalama schools in the Ainkawa District in Erbil. Erbil is an ancient and the fourth largest city in Iraq.

The rehabilitation project started with a clean-up of dirt and debris from the fields. Next, basketball and volleyball bases were installed, along with the nets. Fences and gates to the sports courts were also painted to complete the transformation. The schools were provided with sports equipment and sportswear, so students have everything they need to enjoy the new facilities. About 1000 students will benefit from this rehabilitation project by LIFE USA.

We at LIFE USA, hope the small task of revitalizing sports fields will lead to a positive transformation in the lives of students in Akito and Shalama Schools.


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