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The Ho Teaching Hospital - Water Filtration Plant

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

Around the world today, about 785 million people, that’s 1 in 9, lack access to safe and clean water. The Ho Teaching hospital, located in the Volta region of Ghana was part of this statistic, until LIFE for Relief and Development donated a water filtration plant, commissioned on December 10th, 2019.

Before the water filtration plant was built, there was not a single water well within a 50km radius of the facility; that’s just a little over 31 miles. The people of the Volta region would have to walk this long distance just to get access to clean water for drinking, showering and any daily needs that require clean water.

During the grand opening of the water filtration plant, Dr. John Tampouri, acting C.E.O of the Ho Teaching Hospital,

extended his gratitude to the LIFE staff for providing this necessity to the people of the Volta region. He promises to

put the facility to good use, as this project will go a long way, to not only help the teaching hospital, but the people

within the community of the Volta region.


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