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Caring Throughout the Seasons

Our seasonal projects consist of caring for those in need throughout the seasons. From Winter Relief to Thanksgiving, LIFE brings much-needed food, clothing, and other living essentials to those in need.

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Winter Relief

Save Lives by Giving a Family Warmth this Winter.

There are people desperate to stay warm this winter. Plunging temperatures in places like Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Syria, where displaced people and refugees have no means of protection against the cold, result in easily avoidable illness and death.


Our Winter Relief project assists the underprivileged by giving them warm clothing, blankets, heating oil, coats, and other means of staying warm during the frigid winter months. Save a life today by giving a family warmth through our Winter Relief projects.


For it is in Giving That We Receive

Celebrating holidays should be a happy and joyful event. Unfortunately for many who struggle financially, holidays are times of stress. Many impoverished families cannot afford food or gifts customary to celebrate holidays. LIFE fills in the gap and supplies families for various holidays. In 2022 alone, LIFE fed over 6 million people in its Seasonal Projects.


We nurture the bonds within our families and communities by celebrating holidays and traditions. They give us a sense of belonging and express what is important to us. Help us include everyone in the celebration. By contributing generously to one of LIFE’s seasonal holiday projects, you will give another family hope and joy this holiday.

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