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The world is full of enough sorrow, violence and sad news to last a lifetime, We want to create a collective pool of kind acts performed or witnessed by everyday people to share them with the rest of the world and show that there is still hope for kindness and good acts, and at the end of the year we will choose one that stands out and publish it in our annual calendar as well as award the winner with a brand new Apple iPad 

Submit your story about an act of kindness you've received, witnessed or performed below for your chance to win an Apple iPad.

Submit your story for a chance to win an Apple iPad and be featured in our 2023 Annual Calendar!

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*Names and locations can be changed or withheld for privacy concerns if you wish. If you do not disclose that you want those names changed or withheld we will assume you agree to have the information submitted and published.
By submitting a story you are agreeing to have your story shared on our public social media and used for marketing purposes. 

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