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Morocco Earthquake Appeal

Support those affected by the powerful 6.8-magnitude Morocco earthquake. Your contribution can be the difference between life and death for those stuck under the rubble.

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Survivors Need Your Immediate Help

The recent earthquake – the strongest that ever hit the country- has already killed over 2,000 people and the death toll is on the rise. Over 2,421 are seriously injured. They need immediate aid. 


By donating through Life USA, you can help us provide clean drinking water, shelter, blankets, and medicine to those affected. 

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Send Earthquake Relief 


 Every Second Matter –
Act Now

Not only did the earthquake damage centuries-old sites but it also shattered thousands of lives. It changed the destinies of local communities forever. And while rescue processes are already underway, many people are still under the rubble waiting to be rescued. 


Extend a hand to them, and help those struggling find their sense of safety again.

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