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Create a Beautiful Tomorrow this Ramadan

Sponsor Orphans with LIFE

Give orphans hope and a reason to look forward to their future during this month of giving!!

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Big Hearts Helping Little Hearts

After serving humanity for over 30 years, we’ve worked on Ramadan is a time to come together with our loved ones and enjoy warmth and positivity. For children who’ve been left alone, they deserve the support to feel love from big hearts during this month of giving.

We go the distance. No matter where they are, LIFE uplifts orphans with our Orphan Sponsorship Program. Without worrying about their survival, orphans have opportunities to thrive and reach their potential. We can change the entire trajectory of a child’s life with support and empowerment.

Take this opportunity, during a special time, to create a tomorrow they can remember and cherish with LIFE.

Sponsor Children


Change a Child’s Life

Recurring Gifts

Helping a child on a $55/month, or $660/year basis, provides an orphan with the continual support he/she needs. You will be paired with a child and receive a profile and a photo. As a sponsor, you will receive regular updates and get to know your child personally. Your commitment makes a powerful impact on a child’s life and the better tomorrow possible.


*Recurring gifts of a denomination of your choice is also available

One-Time Gift

A one-time gift to the General Orphan Fund or Orphan Special Gifts is possible for those who want to give without commitment. Your gift will be pooled with others and utilized in programming that benefits the orphans as a group. Your generosity and desire to make a difference for these children are greatly appreciated.

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