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Life Provides Emergency Assistance to Families Affected by Hurricane Michael in Florida

After the hurricane struck the panhandle of Florida on October 10th, 2018 Life provided emergency assistance to over 5000 people in Panama City, Lynn Haven, Springfield and Calloway, Florida. Life purchased items needed for safe household flood cleanup and mold remediation, for distribution to 1,500 households.

In addition, Life purchased tarps, roofing nails, chainsaw repair and replacement parts, dehumidifiers, and similar tools to protect homes from further damage from exposure to wind, rain, and moisture. Volunteer debris crews, including an arborist, supported resident-led cleaning and repair projects. A tool-lending library was established, so residents could access materials and tools for mold remediation or other basic hurricane damage home repairs.

Life also distributed emergency food aid and bottled water and took part in establishing a Wellness Center staffed by volunteer medical professionals to help treat minor injuries and illnesses in areas where medical clinics were closed due to the storm.

Families that received assistance were very happy that Life was there to provide emergency aid during their time of need.



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