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Haiti 2021

It's crucial to remember the less fortunate duringEid in order to make a difference in their life.This year LIFE for relief and Development distributedfresh meat in Haiti to the needy to feel the joy of Eid.All meat is always fresh,delivered to homes right on the first day of Eid. LIFE is dedicated to alleviating humansuffering regardless of race, color, religion, or cultural background. The people of Haiti were more than grateful to LIFE for the opportunity to perform Udhiyah, as well as thesupply of fresh meat to feed their families.

"I'm glad that during Eid ul Adha, there are Qurbani distributions like this one. We don't have any money, we can still celebrate this specialoccasion with meat and our families. Thank you so much to our generous sponsors and toLIFE for Relief and Development." - Beneficiary



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