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Importance of Mental Health During Quarantine

As quick as a virus can spread, as can hysteria. For good reason, the globe is in a state of distress over the outbreak of COVID-19. Government intervention has impacted employment, shopping, and most daily activities. Multiple states have issued shelter-in-place orders, mandating citizens to stay home for the next several weeks. While citizens practice self-isolation, financial and emotional repercussions follow.

One’s mental health, particularly depression, can be worsened during prolonged self-isolation. During this time of crisis, it is important to continue to sustain a balanced diet, home exercise, and leisure activities while maintaining contact with loved ones over the phone. We stress the importance of keeping up with one’s daily routine paired with adequate rest. An equal ratio of productivity to downtime will keep us sane and positive through these trying times.

Among hardship, there exists a silver lining. Staying quarantined offers us the opportunity to reflect on our lives, how we utilize resources, and what we can do to work collectively as a nation to keep everyone safe. Although we feel isolated at this time, we are as together as we can be. For those of us who can help others through uplifting messages, donations, and any other means, it is our duty to due so. For those who are more troubled and severely affected by the current situation, do not give up hope.

Difficult times like these test our strength and humanity; we will prosper.

For where there is life, there is hope.

For tips on mental health during this time:

Article by: Salwa Abdalla


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