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Life Distributes COVID-19 Emergency Aid in Senegal

With the COVID-19 pandemic still ongoing and cases rising all over the globe, some countries are in more need of help than others due to certain circumstances such as poverty, lack of resources and knowledge of how to stay safe and healthy, as well as economic hardships. As of Friday, July 24, 2020, Senegal has 9,422 cases of the coronavirus and 182 deaths. While this number may not seem high, Senegal is also a country that cannot meet the needs, health wise, of its communities. In order to keep their numbers low and away from the potential of rising, the gap needs to be filled where the need is, and that is not only with knowledge of surviving through a viral pandemic, but also the hygiene resources needed to do so.

Life for Relief and Development has distributed COVID-19 emergency relief in three different locations of Senegal including Yeumbeul, Mbao and Pikine to about 1,428 individuals.

Life would like to thank its donors for all their support in helping us to make this happen – thank you!



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