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LIFE Distributes Food Baskets During Ramadan in Bosnia

Ramadan brings blessings to many Muslims all over the world; however, a large number of Muslims are unable to provide for their families, leaving them struggling during the holy month to give their families the celebration that they all deserve. Every year during Ramadan, Life for Relief and Development distributes food baskets and Iftar meals to families in over 25 different countries. This past Ramadan, LIFE distributed food baskets in various areas of Bosnia such as: Kakanja, Jablanica, Tuzla, Zenica, Sarajevo, Olovo and Kladanj. The beneficiaries of the baskets were very grateful for the blessings that came from this month supply of food for them and their families during the holiday season.

LIFE would like to thank its donors for their efforts in making this happen!



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