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Life Partners with Entheos Cooperative, Hearing the Call and eMoyo on Hearing-Aid Mission Trip

Between February 16-20th, Life for Relief and Development was proud to partner with Entheos Cooperative and Hearing the Call in Tempisa, South Africa to provide 268 hearing-impaired patients of all ages with hearing services. Life and its partners worked with a local NGO, eMoyo, to fit hearing aids for 48 patients, while 174 patients were served, screened and tested, and another 46 patients had their ears cleaned from wax and checked for infection.

The Hearing-Aid Mission was very successful, changing the lives of many. Some patients even said that they can now apply for jobs to support their families, and children were happier than ever to be able to actually hear and enjoy everyday activities. Some parents of the children expressed their gratitude in giving their child the ability to succeed in school by being able to hear.

One patient in particular, Snowy, has a severe hearing loss and was fit with two hearing aids. She told volunteers that sadly, people always made fun of her because she was hearing-impaired. Snowy can now look for a job with a confidence that she did not have before being fit with hearing aids.

Another gentleman interpreted for volunteers by signing and speaking with 17 hearing-impaired adults, who came to the clinic. When this gentleman was tested, profound hearing loss was discovered. He was fit with a hearing aid, which made him proud to hear his voice. He told volunteers that he now wants to return to school, so that he can guide hearing-impaired students into jobs.

Life is so grateful to have the opportunity to change the lives of many, by providing them with the blessing of being able to hear. We also want to thank our partners for making this mission possible.



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