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LIFE Provides Food Baskets to Orphans in Iraq

The country of Iraq does not only have a lot of citizens living in poverty, but also a countless number of orphans that rely on the help of others for survival. Life for Relief and Development provides sponsorships and aid to orphans all over the world, and most recently Iraq. The regions of Erbil, Anbar, Baghdad, Samarra, Sulaymaniyah, Mosul and Basra received food baskets for the orphans in need, which contained items such as: rice, tomato paste, sunflower oil, aroma tea, sugar, spaghetti, red lentils, fine bulgur, beans, milk powder, orange powder, canned peas, canned black olives, canned chickpeas, luncheon beef and chicken, tuna fish, cheese triangles, salt and dates. It is heartwarming to be able to provide a child in need with the food that they unconditionally deserve, and LIFE could not have done this without the help of your support!



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