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LIFE’s Latest Response to High Risk of Famine and Severe Shortages in Gaza

"Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness." - Desmond Tutu

Gaza offers the world a powerful lesson in moral strength, courage through faith, and endurance of unimaginable suffering. As we watch in awe of the people who will never give up and continue to strive and have hope, we are inspired to embody these qualities as we navigate our own lives.

Reflecting on a LIFE colleague's recent conversations with families in Gaza, I am deeply moved by their remarkable resilience.

Catastrophic Food Insecurity

As the humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip intensifies, the region is at a critical risk of famine. Despite the valiant efforts to deliver aid, access remains severely restricted, leaving thousands in desperate need.

According to the United Nations' Integrated Food Security Phase Classification (IPC), more than 495,000 people in Gaza are facing "catastrophic food insecurity." This figure, while a decrease from the 1.1 million forecasted three months ago, still accounts for over one-fifth of Gaza’s population. The reduction is attributed to the limited yet vital supplies that have reached the area, highlighting the importance of continuing to support LIFE and other humanitarian organizations that have been able to successfully work on the ground.

Heartbreaking Reality

In Gaza, households are experiencing extreme food shortages, resulting in acute malnutrition among young children, imminent starvation, and even death. Over 20 percent of the population reported enduring entire days and nights without any food. The IPC warns that until at least September, 96 percent of Gaza’s residents will continue to face severe food insecurity.

The Power of Your Support

Many of us feel helpless towards this situation; seeing the light in all the darkness is hard. But the light is there. The light is you. It is with great gratitude that LIFE shares the tremendous impact that your contributions have made.

Through your support, we have been able to make significant strides in providing essential aid to those in need:

-        200,000 individuals received bread

-        100,000 hot meals distributed

-        40,000 food baskets delivered

-        15,000 bags of fresh vegetables provided

-        55,500 bags of flour supplied

-        5.2 million liters of clean water made available through a solar-powered filtration system

-        Two medical convoys supported three different hospitals

-        2,000 hygiene kits distributed

-        7,000 blankets given out

-        3,600 water bottles provided

-        18 truckloads of supplies delivered

-        3 medical convoys sent

-        2,000 winterized tents installed

-        10 latrines set up

-        100 toys and 1,000 winter coats provided for children

Gaza Resident Testimony

"I have seen my children go days eating nothing but grass, but thanks to the help from LIFE, we received hot fresh meals and food baskets that have lasted us for over a month. I am eternally grateful to LIFE and their donors." - Fatima, mother of six, Gaza Resident.

Navigating the Most Recent Challenges

This past month, the Rafah crossing between Gaza and Egypt was torched and destroyed, rendering it inoperable. This destruction has trapped Gaza's 2.2 million residents within its borders, cutting off their primary exit point and denying crucial food, water, and medical aid to a population already on the brink of starvation.

Thankfully, the Erez crossing, and the Jordan-Gaza crossing are open, allowing LIFE to deliver aid. Right now, LIFE is distributing 15 truckloads of vital supplies in Gaza, with another five-truck convoy from Jordan planned. Additionally, 2,000 winterized tents have been shipped from Turkey, with 1,000 arriving soon. Recent distributions include two truckloads of flour from Jordan, with more shipments of flour and food baskets on the way.

Expanding Our Reach

LIFE recently completed Udhiyah in 34 countries, including Gaza, where distribution restrictions necessitated preparing and canning fresh meat outside the country. The meat is currently being shipped nearby and will soon be brought through the border crossing for distribution.

Our efforts extend beyond immediate relief. We are committed to long-term support, ensuring that the people of Gaza not only survive but also have the resources to rebuild and thrive.


Thank You

We are and continue to be empathetic witnesses of recent events and feel gratitude and admiration for the strength of Gaza. Thank you for your support; our work would not be possible without you. We must continue to act to the best of our abilities so that we can support Gaza as they need it - now more than ever.

Photo of LIFE team members receiving flour in Gaza.

Photo of LIFE team member distributing flour to Gaza resident.



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