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The importance of higher education is recognized by society as a means of lifting oneself from a life of poverty.  A university degree is a hallmark of achievement that many have strived for.  Unfortunately for some, the dream of higher education is a fantasy.  Access to knowledge to better oneself is hindered by their socio-economic status.  Despite their mental abilities to be successful academically, they lack the financial means. 

Scholarships remove the financial obstacle to higher education by awarding students’ academic performance.  They help ensure that hard-working and underprivileged students get the chance to go to university by funding part or all a student’s tuition and fees.  Without the financial burden, students can focus and excel in their studies. 

To aid those who are at a disadvantage financially, LIFE intends to help make higher education more accessible all over the world by contributing to medical scholarship programs in Universities in several countries.

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