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A 4-Year-Old’s Bravery in Gaza: Ahmad’s Story

Ahmad Shabat is a young boy who was at the United Nations school in the Nuseirat refugee camp when he and his paternal uncle Saleh, felt an explosive go-off. Their worst nightmares had come true, they had been bombed.

After the explosion went off, there was so much dust amid the collapsed infrastructure that surrounded Ahmad. He was in complete shock, he wanted to get up find his uncle, and run but he could not move.

Soon after a few men came and rescued Ahmad from the rubble taking him to Al-Aqsa Hospital in Deir al-Balah in the central Gaza Strip.

His uncle on his mother's side, Ibrahim, was able to find him amidst the chaos of the many injured and those providing care in the hospital.

Ahmad is still in the intensive care unit of Al-Aqsa Hospital today. His uncle tells the listeners that Ahmad continues to ask to go for a walk, Ahmad does not know that he lost both his paternal uncle and his legs in the explosion or that he also lost his mother, father, older brother, and grandparents in another recent attack on his hometown, Beit Hanoon.

His maternal uncle, Ibrahim says that his nephew is in a lot of pain. The hospital can only offer Ahmad Acamol which is a medication for headaches not for missing limbs, however, this is the only medication available.

Ahmad's struggles are far from over, he needs proper medication, medical attention and to be fit with prosthetics.

He is one of the many children of Gaza that have been devastated by attacks on the area. Many children are severely injured and require urgent medical care.

This Giving Tuesday, Nov. 28th, 2023, Life for Relief and Development will be raising funds to aid the children of Gaza. Donations will go towards providing critical operations and medical essentials like the prosthetics and medication that Ahmad requires.

This Global Day of Giving will raise more funds that will have a greater impact on the innocent children in Gaza. By harnessing the power of our community, `we can raise more and be able to give more in one distribution. LIFE will be using its manpower within the Gaza Strip in addition to sending in convoys.

Join LIFE for 24 hours starting at midnight on Nov. 28th, 2023, and give the children of Gaza hope for a future filled with laughter and play. Give them their childhood back by giving them the ability to walk, see, and breathe each day. If you prefer you can give in advance by clicking the link below.



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