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In November and December 2016 Life-Iraq distributed food baskets and cleaning supplies to IDP families at Khazr camp and food baskets to IDP families in Hassan Sham camp.

Many IDP families complained from the lack of medicines in the camp that was causing the spread of illness among them because of the unbearable cold and large number of people living in the camps. Life staff visited the medical centers in the camps to check on the situation and to discuss this issue with the Doctors.

They also visited the Ninewa Department of Health in Erbil to coordinate on ways to provide the camp medical centers with the necessary supplies and medicines for the IDP’s. In January 2017, Life – Iraq Mosul office bought $10,000 worth of medicines and medical supplied and brought them to the medical centers at Khazr and Hassan Sham camps to treat the sick IDP families. Directors from the medical centers expressed their gratitude to Life for providing the best quality medicines for the IDP’s living in the camps.

Life Iraq is providing the highest quality materials to all needy including IDP families in Ninewa, Anbar, Fallujah, Salahuddin and Diyala. We express our sincere thanks to all Life donors who supported this effort.


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