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Where There is LIFE There is Water

You are made up of 60% water. The majority of what you drink, cook, clean, and sanitize requires water. Simply put, Water Gives Life.

Many of us know that water is important, but we don’t know exactly why. Water is essential for your body to function properly, from regulating body temperature to transporting vital vitamins and minerals, water is necessary for life. That is why Elon Musk is so keen on planet Mars being the next planet to support human life, it has water!

Photo of a hand touching clean water as the sun rises.
Photo of a hand touching clean water as the sun rises.

So what can happen without access to this life-saving source? Dehydration. This can happen quite quickly and it’s more common than we think. According to a recent study in 2020, between 28-75% of adults in the US are dehydrated at this very moment. Dehydration can lead to impairments in cognitive ability, concentration, alertness, memory, physical performance, and physical skills. More severe dehydration can cause brain damage and even death. A human adult can only survive without water for 3 days.

When we zoom out, the largest concern for communities that do not have access to clean water is the alternatives that they use in their place. Many people find themselves having to use well water, pond, stream, or stagnant water. These can be contaminated with animal waste, parasites, disease, and other bacteria. 297,000 children under five die each year from diseases that are the result of unclean and unsafe water.

Photo of a young girl drinking a glass of clean water.
Photo of a young girl drinking a glass of clean water.

Developing countries are the most affected by water shortages, from poor water quality to flooding. As much as 80% of illnesses in the developing world are linked to unsafe drinking water and sanitation. In many countries, rising sea levels and pollution are contaminating their water sources. In other developing countries, war and strife can inhibit their ability to have access to clean water.

Since 2011, LIFE has installed hundreds of water wells all over the world which has contributed to enhancing the lives of thousands of people in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Gaza, Ghana, Iraq, Kenya, Pakistan, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Sri Lanka, Sudan and Somalia. This is only possible with the help of our generous donors.

Donations made to LIFE’s Water Well Projects will go towards digging and installing new wells, utilizing water purification technology, or providing portable water by other means. Save lives and build communities by donating to LIFE’s clean Water Well Projects today, where there is LIFE there is WATER.



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